Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the creator of the NIS Alumni Public Union and when was it created?

The idea of ​​creating an independent community of NIS alumni has always existed. In particular, the need for its implementation arose when the number of our graduates exceeded 10 thousand people. Therefore, in 2008, when Arman Balgatay worked in the development department of the AEO NIS, he volunteered to start developing the graduate movement, and the administration supported him and offered their help. Thus, in March 2018, two large meetings of graduates were held in Astana and Almaty by joint efforts, at which most supported the initiative to create a community of graduates. With the support of alumni and the NIS administration, Arman began working on the official registration of the organization in the Ministry of Justice. Paperwork delayed the registration, however, during this time the whole process started, as the Telegram group was created, and the graduates participated in the marathon. (By the way, many of you are used to calling our organization an Association, but for legal reasons, we were registered as a Public Union). The initiative, the desire of graduates, and the support of the AEO NIS led to the fact that on July 10, 2018, the Public Union “Alumni Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” officially launched its activities to unite all of us!

What is the mission of the NIS Alumni Union? 

The school taught us a lot, particularly it gave us first-class knowledge and instilled the values of lifelong education, honesty, hard work, and determination. Our Union aims to unite all the graduates of NIS in order to preserve and save our values. By uniting and supporting each other, we want to create an educated, progressive, cultural, and healthy society that will positively affect the development of Kazakhstan.

Who is the president of the Union?

At the moment, the president of the Union is Arman Balgatay. Arman has graduated from NIS Kokshetau in 2012. After graduation, he studied at the Suleyman Demirel University in the Faculty of Information Technology. Currently, he combines the main work in an international consulting company and the presidency in the Union.

How did the current team was created? 

When the process of creating the Union was launched, the news scattered among the graduates. Initially, there were many people who wanted to participate in the development of the Union. The current team met each other at various alumni meetings in 2018. Each of the team members showed the desire to work: they took the initiative in conducting events, finished what they had started, offered new ideas for development, and attended all meetings. Responsible attitude and desire determined who continues to work in a team.

How can I get into the team?

Actively participate and take the initiative, and most importantly, bring the matter to the end. For example, Sagynysh Zhukina, a graduate of the NIS Karaganda 2019, recently joined the team. She attended all the events of the Union, always volunteered to help, whether shooting a video or writing a post and responsibly performed her part of the work. So now, she is officially part of our team.

Who is funding the NIS Alumni Association?

The Development Fund of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is the official sponsor of the Association.

What does your logo mean?

Remember the logo of our schools – it is a sprout! We all have graduated from school and now each of the sprouts is transformed into a tree! Our logo is a strong and branched tree that symbolizes the growth and development of each NIS graduate.

What does Alumni mean?

Translated from English Alumni means graduates.

“I'm a 12th grader, can I register on the website?”

You will only be able to enter the graduate base after graduation, so registration will be available to you in the summer after graduation.

“I have an idea for the next event, how do I can contact you?”, “I have a project and I need support from the Union, what should I do?”

We are always happy for the initiatives, therefore

1. You can write to

2. Fill out the contact form on the website in the Contacts section

3. You can write us via Instagram direct messages

“Are there other branches of the Association?”, “I want to start my Alumni NIS branch in my city/university”

The main branch of the Association is located in the capital, and there is also a branch in the Almaty. If you want to create a community of NIS alumni in your city or university, please contact us by

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