Alumni NIS in South Korea!

The Alumni NIS Union, initiated by Anel Zhunusova, a graduate of NIS in Karaganda'18 and a current student of the South Korean university UNIST, launched the first foreign branch of NIS alumni in South Korea.

The branch will be aimed at supporting applicants who have graduated from NIS and wish to/have entered South Korea. We want to help graduates to enroll, adapt, have a good time at joint events, and support each other abroad.

From today, everyone who wants to get advice on preparing for international exams and admission to South Korean universities can take a survey at Telegram Bot "NIS Alumni: Admission to South Korea" (@NIS_ALUMNI_KOREA_bot) and get a referral to the most suitable mentor.

In addition to counseling, you can already get a beneficial "South Korea: The Freshman Survival Guide," where all the necessary information about the country and notes for incoming students are detailed. You can download the Guide by completing the survey in the Telegram Bot and following the link «South Korea: The Freshman Survival Guide».

You can find more information on the work done and the team of mentors by following this link

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