Long time, no see!

The last updates in the "News" section were in August, but this does not mean that we did not work and did not have any news for you. We were just too busy with work to write about them. And so what happened in the Association over the past 7 months, what have we been doing, and what results have we achieved?


  • Surely, you have noticed that our Instagram has become prettier, more useful, and more systematic. This is all thanks to the work of Sagynysh Zhukina, who is now fully engaged in the activities of the social networks of our team. By the way, recently we got 10,000 subscribers and the long-awaited "swipe up" button.
  • Now, under our posts, no one leaves comments where they ask to hold the same event in Almaty, but NIS residents from other cities are slowly connecting and offering to expand. Alen Akylbekov and Aizhan Sagu are now actively developing their Almaty branch and have already founded local NIS students squad.
  • Zhanel Sabdenova, who was a director, producer, and sponsor of the bright social life of the students of FMN in Astana, is now in our team and now the capital's graduates do something every weekend. Not long ago they warmed all of us in cold weather with their cozy "Evening of Live Music".
  • I don’t know about you, but I want to go to Korea on a business trip every time I watch videos and photos from the events of our Korean branch. As we already wrote in August, last summer Anel Zhunussova invited us to open a branch of the Alumni Association in South Korea and for several months now our branch has been mentoring applicants to Korea, helping freshmen with adaptation on campus and getting alumni together to eat together, go to the aquarium or watch for the cherry blossom.
  • No less important news, which we cannot but share with you, is the sale of our merch! Very soon you will be able to purchase our new, old and still unrepresented products online and there will even be special delivery in some cities. Alen and Arman have worked hard on this project, so save some money to buy some cool T-shirts and sweatshirts from NIS Alumni.

We apologize for being lost for a long time and want to inform you that very soon we will resume our weekly mailings with a selection of scholarships, we will start updating the vacancy section and in the next news, we will tell you about each event separately.

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